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The Klumsy Moose Kids Spa & Party Boutique ~ No Planning, No Shopping, No Hassle, No Clean-Up.. We Want You To Just Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy Your Daughter's Special Day! We pride ourselves in providing the utmost customer service to you, the guest of honor and her guests. Give us a call.. you won't regret it!


Reservations: Due to the demand for our parties/events, we recommend you book your party at least 2-4 months in advance. Please call or email us to schedule a party/event or Spa Service. If your event is less than 2 months away, please give us a call to check availability.


Party Times: Parties may be booked Monday through Thursday between 12pm and 5:30pm (Summer months only), Friday at 5:00pm or 6:00p.m, Saturday at 11:00, 2:00 & 5:00 and Sunday at 11:00, 2:00 & 5:00 in one of our 2 party rooms. Please plan accordingly if you want to be sure to reserve a specific date and time.

Can extra adult's attend my child's party? Only 2 adults max are allowed to stay per party. Our parties are Drop-Off Only. Sorry, no exceptions will be made. We ask that you please respect our Spa Environment and it's policies while in our Spa & Party Boutique. It is your responsibility to make sure your guests are fully aware of our policy or they may be asked to leave the facility and return at the appropriate pick up time.


Can I tip my party hostesses? For your convenience, an 18% gratuity will be added to your final balance and is due the day of your event in cash only. Gratuity must be paid prior to party beginning. Groupon or Living Social Vouchers and parties that have received any discount will still be charged 18% gratuity off the original party price, not the discounted price.


Deposit: A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due in full ONE WEEK prior to your event. Please be advised should it be necessary for you to reschedule your party once the deposit is made, an additional 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reschedule. Cancellations will result in forfeit of Any Party Payment. For Groupon customers, the voucher will be redeemed upon booking.

Upon booking a party you will be asked to sign and date a copy of our Policies & Procedures for our files. It is imperative that these policies are followed to ensure a smooth and efficient party experience. Your party will not begin until the policies and procedures are signed.

Forms of Payment: We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX & Discover. Checks are not accepted.
Length and Timing of Party:  Parties are approx. 2 hours in duration. Please note we reserve 2 hours for each party, but parties may conclude within 1 and 1/2 hours due to a number of factors such as, number of guests, guest participation, etc.
In the event of any children are misbehaving or not following instructions, the hostess will speak to the designated adult to correct the behavior.  If the behavior is not corrected, and continues to happen, this can/may result in the conclusion of the party.
Please call The Klumsy Moose if you have any questions.
Minimum/Maxium Attendees:  All themed parties at The Klumsy Moose are based on 8 girls (with the exception of the Mini Sparty). If less than 8 attend your party, you will still be charged for the same amount. Attendance over 8 guests will be charged an additional rate per person. Please see package details for additional per person charge.  
R.S.V.P. Confirmation: Your final guest count is due 7 days prior to your party/event. This will be the number we use to determine appropriate quantities for costumes, place settings, favors (if applicable) and we will charge accordingly.
What happens if a guest arrives late?  Guests who arrive late may join the party at whatever point the party has progressed to. For example, if the guests have already completed mani's and pedi's and have started hair & make-up, the late guest(s) will skip mani's and pedi's and join in hair & make-up. We're sorry but due to multiple parties a day, no exceptions will be made.
Siblings/Adult Guests: Our party packages are designed for the guest of honor and her guests only. Please include any siblings in the final guest count if you would like for them to participate. Also, please note that we have age recommendations for each party theme and younger children may not be allowed to participate in certain themes. Please contact The Klumsy Moose if you have questions regarding small children. You may not use our supplies, make-up, polish etc. for siblings or children that are not included in the party. If you do so, your credit card will be charged $20.00 for that child.
**Please keep in mind that due to space, parties are designed for the birthday girl and her friends only. We will allow no more than (2) adults in the party room during your event. Those not included in the final guest count can pick up their child at the conclusion of your event. Any guest that comes back prior to the end of your party may be asked to wait outside as we do not have a waiting area. To keep your party running as smoothly as possible, no exceptions will be made to this policy. 
I Have Twins Or My Daughter And Her Friend Want A Joint Party. Is This An Option? We are more than happy to allow you to have a joint party but please note that their will be an additional fee of $20 added to your party package for each additional guest of honor.
Guest Participation: Children will not be forced to participate in any activity they choose not to participate in. (ex: If a child does not want their nails painted, we will not paint their nails. Please note that we will not be able to paint them later in the party nor will we offer any refunds for services not completed.) 
Guest Attire: All of our parties include some sort of dress up. Children do not get undressed and we ask that the girls come prepared wearing a leotard, leggings, bathing suit, tank top, shorts or slip under their party attire. Girls attending a Tea Party Event have the option of bringing in their own dress up shoes to wear with their costume.
Can I arrive early?  Please keep in mind that the birthday girl, birthday parents, and her guests can enter the party room promptly at the party time indicated as we do not have a waiting area. The check in process is very quick, so 10 minutes early should be plenty of time to arrive and get settled.
How do you handle misbehaving children?
Please understand that it is not our responsibility to discipline ill mannered party guests. We are here to engage the children in a whimsical and unique party experience. It is the responsibility of the parent overseeing the guests to handle any children that are misbehaving and causing disruption to the party atmosphere.
In the event of any children are misbehaving or not following instructions, the hostess will speak to the designated adult to correct the behavior.  If the behavior is not corrected, and continues to happen, this can/may result in the conclusion of the party
Can I substitute services in a party package? All of our party pricing is based on the services included in each of our unique themed parties. Therefore, we can not substitute one service/activity for another.
What about damages?
While we do understand that accidents happen, the client may be held responsible for any excessive damage sustained to costumes or property of The Klumsy Moose Kids Spa & Party Boutique.
Is my party private? Parties hosted at 11am & 2pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually held in our back party room. All evening parties may be held in either the front or back room. Both rooms can hold the same amount of guests and are reserved solely for your party.  
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